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About Intrisic Audiovisual Productions

It all began back in the mid 1990s. Intrisic Audiovisual Productions was born originally in British Columbia producing short films and music videos under the direction of producer and videographer Alex Lisman. Artistry and craftsmanship was the name of the game.

As of 2003 Intrinsic had re-launched full-time in Toronto producing great independent videos and films, including short documentaries, promotional videos, and on-line social media assets. High-quality cinematography, precise editing, and great story-telling became the focus of Intrinsic as our list of happy clients grew. The social conscience at the heart of all our productions also continued to develop as projects came online.

Today, through great partnerships with talented producers, hard-working communications directors, and inspiring subject-matter, Intrinsic aims to build on our solid history of results in social media.

Productions that engage viewers, have social impact, and exhibit great artistry and craftmanship are our primary objectives.

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